Respondent recruitment

Whether for qualitative or quantitative studies – we recruit study participants and test subjects with the greatest care and expertise.

To accomplish this, we draw on our nationwide panel and cooperate with a curated network of recruiters with a focus on different target groups - B2C, B2B and healthcare. Our recruiters can also use existing customer data as a starting point for recruitment. Our project and recruiting team work hand in hand with you and your project is optimally supported due to shortest communication channels.

In addition to recruitment-only assignments, we are happy to advise and support you in the design and creation of the necessary recruitment tools to find the right target group for your project.


Recruitment Only

If the concept, the questionnaire and moderation as well as the evaluation team are already organized and you only lack the suitable target group to carry out the project, you are also welcome to commission us only with the recruitment.

Example of a Recruitment-Only job:

The Schöttmer Research HUB recruited users of a mobile app of a retail group for an online usability test.
A total of 9 participants were recruited from the in-house panel. The target group was proportioned according to age and gender as well as the frequency of use of the app (less than once a month and more than once every 4 months) and the operating system of the mobile device (iOS vs. Android).
The English-language interviews were conducted in a concerted manner on a field day. Here, the Schöttmer Research HUB team ensured a smooth flow of all interviews by providing support on the day of the event.
With this recruitment-only project, we were able to prove to our customer that the Schöttmer Research HUB also performs small partial services in a project with great care and routine.

Recruitment in a complete package

We support you with the complete project logistics of a market research project – from project set-up to evaluation. The recruitment of study participants is an essential part of this.

Example of an order with integrated recruitment:

The Schöttmer Research HUB was commissioned by a US research agency to conduct a Fragrance Sniff test in the test studio followed by a telephone recall.
The test was carried out in the company's own test studio in Hamburg, as well as in cooperation with a partner studio in North Rhine-Westphalia.
The test design consisted of a sniff test in the studio, in which the test subjects evaluated two different fragrances by spraying them on and smelling them on their wrists. The evaluation was carried out by means of an approx. 15-minute online self-completion questionnaire on a laptop. A supervisor in the studio ensured that everything ran smoothly and that the rotation and distribution of the fragrances were adhered to as specified. 4 hours after the test, a telephone recall with re-evaluation of the fragrances took place to determine the effect and impression of the fragrance after a certain time after application. The follow-up interview had a duration of approximately 10 minutes.
In total, the Schöttmer Research HUB surveyed 220 women between the ages of 18 and 54 who use a fragrance at least three to four times a week.